Reviews: Hebrew from the Very Beginning - Book 1

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Joseph has put together a very easy-to-use, well-organized book for learning Hebrew. The indexes -both Hebrew and English - make it a great resource as well. You can locate the rules about the usage of a word just by looking up that word. I'm using my copy a lot!

I am so excited about this well written beginners Hebrew lesson book! I have tried another "simple" Hebrew course before but was unable to get past the first few lessons because I didn't get the basics down. Joseph's book is helping me with this very necessary foundation. After I complete this course I believe I will be able to pick up my other course with much greater ability and confidence.
I highly recommend this book. It is worth every penny and more.

If you are beginning your study of Hebrew... this is your book! This curriculum is incredibly thorough, simple to follow and lays a really good foundation for your continued studies. I am anxiously awaiting Joseph's second book!!
On a side note: If you ever get the chance to take a class taught by Joseph he is an excellent Hebrew teacher and it would be well worth your time and money.

The spiral binding is SUPER-DUPER, making it so easy to use (very, very worth the extra cost for the user's additional ease) and the size of the print all throughout is better than we had even hoped for...and what a neat deal to put the alef-bet up on stiff card stock to make those flashcards even BETTER, with the larger sized letters.
We're elated with the whole deal, and know that scores of others will be, too, over time. This is for sure a "Well done, good and faithful servant!" project.