Hebrew from the Very Beginning - Book 3

Hebrew from the Very Beginning Book 3 is currently in the early stages of construction. In the style of the first two books in the series it will have 20 lessons. Book 3 will focus on the future tense of verbs and cover some of the more necessary advanced grammar patterns, as well as exploring the last two of the seven binyanim (verb building groups). The basic layout for the lessons has been planned, and Joseph is just getting to work on the actual writing of the first few lessons. Hoping to release book 3 sometime in 2018! Your prayers are definitely appreciated!


Shalom all,
The first three lessons of book three are ready for proofreading. Progress has been very slow over the last few months as I have been very busy traveling and working on other projects. For the rest of the month of November I will be home working on the book (God willing). Life is so busy with teaching Hebrew and my other endeavors, but when I get a month or two here and there I will keep working on the book. Still hoping to publish sometime in 2018. Feel free to comment below with any thoughts, or encouragement.

Been working hard on Book 3 again these last few weeks. Just finished the rough draft of lesson 8. Nearly halfway done with the writing of the lessons!

The last year has been very full with a lot of new changes in my life. I've gotten married and my wife and I are now expecting our first child toward the end of May.

I was working hard on the 3rd book up through the end of February 2018. The rough draft of 13 lessons are finished and some work has been done on lessons 14 and 15 as well. This summer I plan to be able to work on the book for a couple hours a day, so with God's help it may even be published by the end of the year.

Been super busy with the birth of my son this June. My wife and I are just now getting back into a "normal" everyday schedule. I am hoping to get back to writing a couple hours a day. Early 2020 is now the earliest I see as a possible publishing date.