Book 1 Workbook and Video Course


This is the recommended starter package for the absolute beginner! If you already know something about Hebrew pronunciation, the book alone should be enough for you. But if you want to be sure you've got your pronunciation right, the video lessons will be super helpful. Also the videos are packed with useful tidbits on the vocabulary in the book.

Hebrew from the Very Beginning Book 1 is a beginner course for modern Hebrew. It was written by Joseph Williams, specifically for English speakers that have little or no knowledge of the Hebrew language. Over 450 Hebrew words are learned during the twenty-lesson course, as well as basic grammar. Each lesson consists of new words, transliterations, explanations, example sentences, conversations, and finally... work pages. There is an answer key in the back of the book. Hebrew from the Very Beginning is spiral bound for easy hands-free learning. The book also comes with flashcards for practice in learning the letters and vowels. 141 pages

Links for videos of live class recordings of all 20 lessons in Hebrew from the Very Beginning Book 1 (Instructor Joseph Williams). Videos average 22 minutes, but vary in length from 13 - 33 minutes depending on complexity of content in each lesson. Keep in mind these are live class recordings so you do end up with some Q&A time in the videos as well.

Please Note: the only item you will receive in your package is the book and flashcards. The Videos are only links to the lessons recorded on YouTube. The lessons are private videos and can only be accessed via the links you will receive by email.

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