No longer accepting online payments, check or money order required.

The website will still be here, but you'll have to call to order or mail a check and an order list just like the old days. More Info

Placing an order

Items listed as out of stock may still be available

Call to check availability of any item listed as out of stock

If you want to make a purchase, you can make your selection based on what you see here on the website. You can add items to cart and print your order invoice and mail it along with your check or money order. Your shipping cost will automatically be calculated for you if you place your order through the website. (Many items listed as out of stock may still be available - call to check)

You can also order without submitting it through the website.
Offline Order instructions:
List the books/resources desired and the price beside each item.
Then total it at the bottom.
Add $7 for shipping on the first item, and add $1 for each additional item.

If you are not located in the USA, you must call to place an order. International shipping costs are quite expensive.

Example order list:
Hebrew from the Very Beginning - Book 1 $25.00
A Tale of the Artist's Brushes $6.00
Shipping $8.00
Total: $39.00

Make the check payable to:
Joseph Williams (I cannot cash checks made out to Hebrew from the Very Beginning)

And send to:
41781 Rd 142
Orosi, CA 93647