Mistakes in Previous Printings

The below mistakes are not in your copy of the book if this number (12014-02) appears on the copyright page at the front of the book.

Page 14: In the fourth Hebrew sentence "אישה" is lacking a Yud.
Page 47: In the first Hebrew sentence, under the Fey in ספרים, there is a "Xataf Kamats" (ֳ ) in place of a "Kamats" (ָ ).
Page 76: The transliterations of the Hebrew words for "which" are reversed.
Page 83: The feminine plural form of לשחק has a שׁ in place of a שׂ.
Page 99: The web address has an extra "n." It should be: (But you're here, so evidently that wasn't too big of a deal ; )
Page 104: In the first answer in lesson 5 the Yud is missing in מצחיקה
Page 123: End of last Hebrew sentence should be הזאת instead of הזה.
Page 133: In the third Hebrew answer from the bottom, מתעורר should be spelled with an Ayin.
Page 135: in the verb conjugation chart, the feminine form of the second verb has an extra ".ר"

Minor errors that do not affect the use of the book are not listed here, but will be corrected in future printings. I am currently selling the second printing of the book in which all of the above errors have been corrected.
If you find any other mistakes in the book, please let me know so I can address the issue. –Joseph

If this number (12014-02) appears on the copyright page at the front of the book, then the below errors will be in your copy of the book:
Hebrew index, להתעורר is spelled with an (א) instead of an (ע).

If the number on the copyright page at the front of your book ends with: -03, -04, or -05, the above mistakes will not appear on your copy of the book.